Century Center
1750 Kalakaua ave #103 Honolulu HI 96826

Phone number 808-369-1797

LINE ID @aputipahawaii


Please give us your full name, Date/time and menu if you make an appointment.

If you drive to the salon, please tell at the parking gate you are going to A Puti Pa and receive the parking yellow pass & ticket . We have two parking stall, #12 at 1st floor and #16 at 3rd floor. Parking fee is $2 at the gate when you leave. (We can’t be held responsible for any problems.Please note that.)

It is a complete reservation system. If your telephone is difficult to connect, please make an appointment with e-mail or LINE.

Open 9:00~19:00
Closed. Sunday and Holiday.

Thank you for your understanding and should you have a question please give us a call at 808-369-1797.



お電話は施術中は直ぐにご対応出来ないこともございます。営業時間外、定休日は、翌日以降の対応になりますので予めご了承ください。宜しくお願い致します。又はEmail 又は LINE にて承ります。

営業時間 9:00〜19:00

定休日 毎週日曜日 祝日